Ethiopian Army Murders Civilians

Ethiopian government and its armed forces are acting on the latest state of emergency by killing civilians in Moyale, a border town between Ethiopia and Kenya.

According to Command Post Secretariat, a Facebook page which claims to be a part of Ethiopian government and displays Ethiopian flag, the armed forces made a mistake while hunting Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) fighters on the southern border.

In a post which claims to be from “Command Post Secretariat Office,” the page emphasizes necessity of the declared state of emergency and steps being taken to enforce it. It also commends the measures the armed forces are taking for peace and security.

The page admits one of the units stationed in Moyale made a mistake by acting on unreliable information and killing 9 civilians and injuring 12 more. The Facebook post adds, the unit which carried out the murders was relieved of its duty and being investigated. It places the blame on unnamed unit commander who appeared to be a female in the post.