Ethiopian Army Murders Civilians

1 month, 2 weeks agoAccording to Command Post Secretariat, a Facebook page which claims to be a part of Ethiopian government and displays Ethiopian flag, the armed forces made a mistake while hunting Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) fighters on the southern border.

Ethiopia Expelled A Friendly Foreign Reporter

1 month agoOn Facebook, Mr. Davison said, "the Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) appeared to be unhappy that I had ceased working for Bloomberg in January, yet I had remained active as a journalist under that license."

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The new state of emergency declaration also followed a release of hundreds of political prisoners including prominent opposition leaders. While activists and opposition groups welcomed the release of prisoners, a regime change appeared to be within reach to some.




Since Nov., 2015, Oromo people have taken their anger at Ethiopian government to the streets. Government forces killed hundreds of them in broad day lights, with no accountability. Thousands ended up in prison, including prominent opposition leader Bekele Gerba.

Dictatorial regimes do not often make the weapons they train on their own citizens. Most of the suppliers of those weapons operate from the developed nations. Luckily for us, justice seekers in one corner of the world do not have to wait for an airplane to land to get their copy of newspapers.

If you are wondering why seven or eight years behind, you are not alone. But the answer is simple. It’s a fight between two ancient monks: Annianus of Alexandria and Dionysius Exiguus.

It is hard for people in East Africa to get western media’s attention. It is even harder when the latter’s freelance reporters suppress flow of information, or choose to ignore facts on the ground.


As it is often the case in most African countries, there has never been a peaceful relay of power in Ethiopia. In the early 90s, when TPLF assumed power, it had the opportunity to amass all the public wealth upon the departure of Mengistu Halemariam, former President of Ethiopia under socialist Derge regime. Meles and his fellow party leaders had an idea of rehabilitating the often starving and war-torn Tigray, with the cash they stashed from sales of food aid, and other goods meant to help Tigray people and armed struggle to topple the military junta.