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It’s no secret that Abiy Ahmed loves the camera, as if leadership is all about posing for a photoshoot. That’s called modeling—ask any 17-year-old girl who posts duckface photos on Snapchat. For the guy who believed and decided leadership is all about imagery and charisma, avoiding the spotlight for five weeks is unimaginable.

Ethiopia’s internet penetration is still low — 15% according to the latest estimate from CIA Fact book. Of the nearly 16.5 million Ethiopian internet subscribers, about 27% are active Facebook users according to Internet Web Stats, a site that tracks worldwide internet penetration. That’s still enough to spread false stories and rumors with severe consequences.

While the agreement between OLF and the Ethiopian government that was facilitated by Eritrea is not public, we can’t imagine Ethiopia agreed to open its doors to a hostile enemy which OLF was until recently. Some social media observers suggested the question caught Mr. Ibsa off-guard, and he gave an incoherent answer while some suspected he is trying to force concessions from the Ethiopian government.


Mini-YouTubes and Mini-Spotifies have become mom-and-pop shops. Whether these sites are for a hobby or a business, they are less likely to help the copyright owners. While The Horn Post cannot tell if the sites are making money for their respective owners, almost all of them have some sort of advertisements displayed. The three sites we reviewed have statements encouraging copyright owners to contact them if they have concerns; two of them a verbatim copy of the other. Even though the sites stated a will to link to artists’ sales page.

BBC aims to save £1.5 billion in spending by 2017. While the ‘leaner and simpler’ strategy is one among others to achieve this goal, the broadcaster is also eyeing a way to ramp up subscriptions for online contents. According to the CNBC report in September, 2015, BBC plans to launch Netflix-style service in the United States. The new proposal also emphasized digital services.



The Prime Minister Office’s statement does not dispute the fact that the Prime Minister himself uttered the words in the audio. Instead it dubbed it FAKE by saying it was “compilation which has been put together by drawing on different unrelated remarks made by the PM.”

Abiy insisted on using Kissinger’s words. “There has been a contraction, primarily as a reaction to failed efforts. My instinct is—and I hope I am right—that an American President who presents a framework combining fortitude and purpose will be supported.’ Mr. Ahmed repeated these words by replacing “American President” with “EPRDF.” You can watch the below video and judge for yourself.

Mr. Nega formed Balderas to rule Addis Ababa while there is a legitimate government. This is a definition of terrorism—forming illegitimate groups and confusing the public. That’s a recipe for chaos. The Ethiopian government needs to know whom Mr. Nega is talking to when he is not talking to a camera—whom he is communicating with via email, messengers and phones.